Carrier Relationships Are Key



Carriers Are Customers Too

We value our carriers at Maverick and treat them as customers for that very reason. We show our carriers respect and work to build life-long relationships.


At Maverick, we service over 5,000 customers  located across all spans of the country and in many varying industries. We provide the best logistics solutions to our customers by partnering with the best carriers in the industry.

All carriers at Maverick undergo one of the most rigorous vetting processes in the country. Each carrier must follow our standards regarding honesty, safety, insurance, and
on-time pick-ups and deliveries.

Work With Maverick

Carrier Perks

Cash Flow

Get money in your pocket, fast! We are committed to prompt payments and advances as needed. 

Driver Management

Our trained dispatchers get you quality freight in the lanes you want. We also setup appointments to ensure you are loaded and unloaded quickly and efficiently.


Haul shipments in all parts of the country and never sit idle with our continuous movements. Have a favorite lane? We love repeat shipments and carriers that get the job done!


We have year round availability and fair rates based on market conditions. We work with you and don't gouge you.


" I have been running loads with Maverick for almost 10 years. They get you quality freight, in good lanes, and are always easy to work with."

The Traffic Club of Baltimore
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Easton, MD 21601 

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