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Our goal is to build life-long relationships with strong trust and reliance. What separates Maverick from the rest of the industry, is our strong emphasis on cultivating our carrier relationships. We go the extra mile to keep your trucks running, helping you be successful even in the toughest of markets.

At Maverick, we service customers located across the country and in many varying industries. We provide the best logistics solutions to our customers by partnering with the best transportation professionals in the industry.

All carriers at Maverick undergo one of the most rigorous vetting processes in the country. Each carrier must follow our standards regarding honesty, safety, insurance, and
on-time pick-ups and deliveries.

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Why Work With Maverick?


Get money in your pocket, fast! We are committed to prompt payments and advances as needed.

"I have been happily running loads with Maverick for almost 10 years. They get you quality freight, in good lanes, and are always easy to work with.

They have earned my trust and business!"

Riley A.

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301 Bay Street Suite 401

Easton, Maryland 21601


+1 (800) 727-5155



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